We're the first mobile app to pre-approve you for apartment rentals, and it's entirely free.
Our process is simple
Get pre-approved and find your apartment in just a few steps!
Get pre-approved
Our process completes a background and credit check by asking a few simple questions. Don't worry, it's totally free.
Browse listings or search our map, we'll automatically filter results to fit your income. Save your favorite searches, listings and units for easy access.
Book a tour
Once you've found some listings you like, easily book tours with your favorite properties.
When you're ready to sign, start a lease with just a few quick taps, all on-the-go from our mobile app.
Property Managers Love Us!

By pre-approving renters up front, we provide access to qualified renters and what they're looking for before they walk through the door. Instant access to renters' preferences let you know exactly what they want, making it easier than ever to sign a lease.

HomeMe is the only app that drives pre-approved traffic to your property using your custom screening criteria. Request a demo and let one of our account managers show you how to make HomeMe your #1 source for qualified renters.

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Our awesome background
Founded in Los Angeles in 2015 and launched in 2016 by veterans of the tech and real estate industries, HomeMe is a newer, faster way to rent an apartment. Designed to streamline the daunting rental application process, our pre-approval system makes renting an apartment refreshingly easy for both renters and managers, saving time and money by pairing users with the perfect rental.
In the press
“The residential real estate industry got an upgrade, and it’s changing how Houstonians find their homes.”
“No more apartment fees, no more continuous credit checks — HomeMe puts the entire process of finding a new place to live onto your smartphone.”
“It’s a genius idea, and frankly, I’m not sure why anyone hasn’t done it before.”
“The process of finding a good apartment might soon be a lot less harrowing if thefolks at HomeMe succeed in Texas and disrupt the status quo.”
“HomeMe pre­approves renters to browse, view and reserve apartments on­ demand.”
“HomeMe is one of the best apps for apartment rental searches because it helps folks understand how far their money can go in Houston.”
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