Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is HomeMe?

HomeMe is a new mobile app that is revolutionizing the rental process; making your application the first step in the process instead of the last. For those that are worried, “approval anxiety” is eliminated. For those who are well qualified, VIP treatment is provided.

3. What does HomeMe cost?

HomeMe is totally FREE.

2. How does HomeMe work?

The process is simple. When you download HomeMe, you’ll be asked to enter 4 pieces of information: income, current address, date of birth and social security number. We use Experian to run a soft inquiry and background check. HomeMe also partners directly with property management companies. We combine the results of your soft inquiry with the custom criteria we receive from properties and voila!, a personalized list of properties that you are pre-approved to rent.

4. What does getting pre-approved mean?

It means you’re in. And, properties know you’re in too. When you book a tour through with HomeMe, we supply the leasing agent with a renter card featuring a badge indicating you’re pre-approved as well as your unique qualifications and interests. As a result, leasing agents can provide you with a better and more personalized experience.

8. Will using HomeMe affect my credit?

No. We run a “soft check” which does NOT impact your credit score in any way. You can read more about the difference between hard and soft credit checks here.

6. Is my information secure?

We take your security seriously. Our process is certified, programmatic, encrypted and entirely automated. We use a secure connection with Experian to run your soft-inquiry. For your protection, we also removed passwords. When you register or login, we text you a verification code. This way, we can verify that you’re you.

5. What if I don’t want to submit my Social Security Number?

If you decide to skip entering your social security number, you’ll still be able to use HomeMe. You’ll be matched with properties based on your income instead. Since we can’t be certain you meet the properties criteria, the property will likely request a hard inquiry to check your credit and background.

5. What happens if I choose not to submit my Social Security Number?

If you decide to skip entering your social security number, you’ll still be able to use HomeMe, but your results will be based on income only. And since we can’t be certain you meet the properties criteria, you won’t be able to contact or visit properties through HomeMe.

7. How do I contact a property through your app?

When viewing the property, simply tap on the call or email icons to connect with the property directly. Additionally, you can tap on the calendar icon to book a tour.

8. Why do i get an error when trying to get pre-approved?

There are a few reasons a user could have trouble getting pre-approved. Most often times this is due to entry of an incorrect address or social security. Please check that you’ve entered your information correctly. If you’re still having difficulty, please contact us for further assistance.

9. Why am I getting an error that the system is undergoing maintenance?

We occasionally experience downtime with our processes from 3 – 5am est. We’re working on resolving this. If you receive this error, simply try again after 5am est, or contact us for further assistance.

9. Why aren’t I seeing any results in my search?

If you aren’t seeing any results, it likely means that you don’t qualify for any listings in your selected area. Try zooming out. If that doesn’t help, please contact us for further assistance.

9. I’m just browsing right now, can I save a property for later?

Yes. When browsing through properties, simply tap the heart button and that property will be saved under your Likes.

10. I found my next apartment and I’m ready to lease! Now what?

Congratulations! You can contact the property via the app and they’ll be happy to coordinate the lease documents with you.

11. What happens to my account once I’ve moved into my new apartment?

As you settle into your new apartment, we will automatically place your account into rest mode. When you’re ready to move and wish to begin searching again, simply log back in and update your info.

12. I love HomeMe, where can I let others know how amazing it is?